Best Subreddits 2021: 21 Best Subreddits To Follow For Best Reddit Experience

21 of the best subreddits for reading text stories, learning about dating, being funny, and becoming a better version of yourself.

John LeFevre
9 min readDec 1, 2020

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I always read about sharing things on Reddit but never find out the Reddit is so life-changing platform. As it is said “If there exists anything, there is a subreddit for it” In this article, we will introduce some of the best subreddits that you should follow in order to make your Reddit browsing experience more productive and want to invest your time into things that could help you be a better version of yourself.

Reddit like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, and Snapchat is a social media site. In every social media platform, there exists a concept of community building. Facebook has Facebook groups, YouTube has a Channel feature, Quora has Quora Spaces, and Twitter has Twitter Lists. In the same way, Reddit has subreddits which is a group of people who follows a Subreddit that has a similar interest.

Reddit only displays a post from your Subreddit that you have followed. If you aren’t following these subreddits then you should think twice as these Subreddits are some of the best on the platform and you will get the trending post on your feed from the subreddit you follow.

What is a Subreddit on Reddit?

A subreddit is a community based on a certain interest like a Facebook group where you could share content about a specific topic. The user base of Reddit is mostly from the United States, the United Kingdom, European countries, and Canada. You can find high-quality content on the famous subreddits you follow.

If you want to read stories or want to learn a new language or want to learn about dating and relationships or just scroll Reddit by consuming memes, Reddit has a subreddit for you.

Best Subreddits For Reading stories

I am a Voided Reddit user who read a lot of content. Reddit is the only social media site I use and this is why I am sharing some of the best subreddits that could help you read funny, scary, or life-based stories on these subreddits. Most of the people on these subreddits share stories related to their own personal life or some of them are based or taken from historical figures. I have made a list of subreddits that could help you in reading stories in text and binge read stories and learning new stuff.

1. R/TIL

TIL stands for Today I learned, this subreddit is very interesting and the idea behind this subreddit is that you can share something you have read or learned during the course of the day. This subreddit is best for people who want to learn and read. You will learn something interesting every day if you follow this subreddit. I am a follower of the Today I learned subreddit and have learned a lot of things during the course of my journey from this subreddit.

2. r/TrueOfMyChest

Reddit is an anonymous platform where you could share your opinions and everything with fellow Redditors. If you have something to say and can’t openly admit it then this subreddit is best for you. There are hundreds of stories to read and binge read on this subreddit for every single day. You will learn a lot of things and can share your opinions on this subreddit.

3. r/IWantToLearn

You want to learn anything, it could be learning about music or a specific musical instrument, or want to learn computer programming or almost anything, just go to this subreddit and you could ask questions, read and learn other people experience about learning something and can also get helpful material for learning a specific skill.

Learning a skill could make you more productive and interesting. If you want that people find you interesting it is time to learn a new skill and make your Reddit feed scrolling more productive by following this subreddit.

4. r/Futurology

We as humans are much more interested to know about the future and if we are investing our time into something then what will be its future perspective. This is very important. In r/Futurology you will find articles, blog posts, or any other material for learning about the new trends or how the future of a certain business or product looks like. There are a great number of articles being shared their which are most inclined toward the future perspective.

If you are a businessman or anyone who is interested to know about the future. This subreddit could help you achieve that. This subreddit is good for learning as well as spending quality time reading curated articles on the Internet.

5. r/Showerthoughts

Shower thoughts are one of the most interesting subreddit out there. You can read interesting posts about life, humanity, learning, funny or comic, and almost anything. Everybody gets thoughts during the shower. This is why you should scroll down this subreddit and read and invest some time reading interesting stuff on Reddit. This subreddit has over 21.4 million members and it could give you popular posts that could give you amazing stuff to read and learn new things.

6. r/unpopularopinion

Want to know about some unpopular opinions, this subreddit is the best to find some of the best opportunities for those unpopular opinions. My unpopular opinion is that “Writing online is a privilege’s”

This subreddit has over 1.7 Million followers, you can check out some of the trending unpopular opinions here. If you have an opinion about something that might have the same opinion as other people but it is not that famous then you could share with those 1.7 Million people and your opinion might go mainstream too. This subreddit is best for spending some hours reading interesting unpopular opinions.

7. r/LifeProTip

Life-Pro-tip is another subreddit that could help you achieve things or do things in a creative way. People from every sector of life share their findings or learned knowledge on this subreddit and you could find the best life pro tips.

My own life pro tip.

“LPT: Never drainage your mobile or laptop battery to 0%, every battery has a fix life cycles and you are increasing the chances of replacing a battery if you use a battery to its full capacity”

Best Subreddits for Learning languages:

If you are into learning new languages then you could just search for your favorite language and read about those languages. Learning new skills and a new language makes you more interesting and you could also find friends, can watch movies on Netflix or any streaming network, can subscribe to YouTuber who makes content related to any language, and find a new horizon.

8. Some language you can learn using Reddit is r/German, r/Spanish, r/Turkish, r/Englishlearning, and r/Urdu.

Best subreddits for learning about Dating

If you are struggling with dating then you could get the absolute best advice from Men and Women who got success in dating. Dating is hard for almost everyone but as it said “The more you practice, the better you will be at it”

Following are some of the Subreddits about Dating that could help you in almost every field.

9. r/Dating

This subreddit is best for finding success stories, how-to guides, and tips and tricks from people to get success in dating. This subreddit is one of the best for people struggling with dating and who need an opinion about things that need to do. What I have learned from this subreddit is that “You have to give yourself time to be a better version of yourself”

Another subreddit is r/datingoverthirty but this subreddit could be for age>30 but still, you can learn a lot of things about dating stuff there. Another Subreddit is r/dating_advice which is one of the best for people who really need dating advice and want to cope up with approach anxiety.

10. r/AskWomen and r/AskMen

These two subreddits are just for asking questions from the specific genders. If you have any questions related to Women, you could ask them in the r/AskWomen subreddit, the same applies to questions submitted to r/AskMen.

11. r/seduction

This subreddit will also help you in getting into dating. This subreddit will also help you in getting casual sex and getting good into a relationship. You could develop a great good human mentality and approach life relationships and be good at sex on this subreddit.

Best Subreddits For becoming a better version of yourself:

12. r/DecidingToBeBetter

This subreddit is good for everyone who wants to have little motivation to be a better version of himself/herself. If you have an addiction of any kind like want to leave smoking or invest your time in more productive things then this subreddit will help you be a better version of yourself. We, as humans, are sometimes spent more time doing things that are draining our energy and time, this subreddit will help you to improve your life and be a better human.

13. r/coolguides

Just want to learn something then this subreddit is one of the best for learning about anything through pictorial and short-form text.

Best Subreddits for Funny Videos:

14. r/funny

I just scrolled through this subreddit and I am writing this text laughing, literally. You can find funny videos and text that could make your time on the Internet more entertaining. You can find funny tweets, videos, and memes that could bring a laugh to your face.

15. r/Jokes

If you want to read real and creative jokes from the Reddit community itself this subreddit will definitely help you out with this problem.

Best Subreddits for News

16. r/News

A platform where you can get breaking news from almost any country. As most of the Reddit users are from western countries so most of the trending news will be about the US, UK, or European countries.

17. r/Politics

World politics in general and politics in the US and the UK in specific are discussed. You can share posts, news articles, or videos that are related to politics.

18. r/WorldNews

This is one of the famous subreddit for getting your news from all around the world.

Best subreddits for Memes:

19. r/Memes

20. r/Dankmemes

21. r/PoliticalCompassMemes

These memes shared here are mostly related to politics.

Also, this article is still not complete and there are still some great subreddits that you can check out. The subreddits I have shared is mostly the one most famous on the platform.

Follow these 21 best subreddits on Reddit to make your Reddit experience more enjoyable.